About me

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

To be honest, this question used to send cold shivers down my spine. For a long time, I was unable to provide an answer.


At least, not until today. What have I become? A coaching writer. Or a writing coach?


I'll tell you about the odyssey that brought me to this point and still keeps me busy (if you're more interested in facts, you'll find them at the bottom of the page).

For a long time I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. Or rather, I had far too many ideas and wishes.

That's why I chose to study German and history. That allowed me to think about it a little longer.


Along the way, I wrote for various university and cultural magazines, took courses at the Jounalistenschule in Lucerne and did an internship at the P.M. Magazine. I was particularly interested in writing. As a child, I was already poking around my grandfather's Hermes Baby, making up stories and writing my first books.

Admittedly, I always encountered a dead end and didn't find a literary happy ending back then.

Parallel to my studies, I continued my education in marketing, social media and online marketing.


At the same time (where did I find the time?), I trained as a Reiki Master and Bach Flower Therapist, and explored energy work, shamanism, incense, body therapies and various coaching approaches, including creative writing - a wonderful way to strengthen one's own resources and to master challenges. In 2016, the wonderful tools of Access Consciousness® were added.


Since I still couldn't or wouldn't commit, I just kept studying and added a PhD. At this point, things got really bumpy and my dissertation increasingly became a burden, whilst outside pressure that I should finally do something "meaningful" and decide on something grew.

Internally, too, I felt the desire to find something that would fulfil me.

But what you start, you see through to the bitter end, I had learned. The bitter end, or the turning point of opportunity, came when I was diagnosed with cancer. My focus suddenly shifted and I felt what was really important and what was not.


I gave up my PhD and professionally fulfilled a childhood dream: an online magazine on good news. Over the years, this developed into coaching and the desire to be a compass for others on their own odyssey.


My MAS Career, Study & Career Guidance training combines and deepens the different approaches.

It is my passion to encourage people to follow their personal path, to live their talents and their calling in order to create a joyful and meaningful life.

I like to integrate my inspirations in my novels (currently only in German). For me, the written word is the medium in which I most enjoy expressing myself, freely and creatively.


At the same time, I value the contact with my clients and love the coaching sessions with them.

What I love and what I'm good at

My own strengths lie in the fact that I can recognise the central theme even in the greatest chaos. Opening up new perspectives and possibilities fills me with childlike joy.


With a mixture of practical tips, simple tools and sensitive perception, I navigate with you to a fuller, freer and more joyful life.


I love ...

  • My heart's home, Scotland
  • The smell of a summer storm
  • Cosily reading a book in front of the fireplace
  • Early mornings canoeing through the Canadian wilderness - and travelling in general
  • Writing!
  • Laughing out loud - quite often
  • Swinging my hips (almost) no matter to what sounds

With ease and joy, Nadine                                

Training and professional experience

  • since 2022 Career Guidance and Development, Napier University Edinburgh 
  • 2022 CAS Interdisciplinary Perspective on the working environment, zhaw/IAP
  • 2016-2021 Several 'Access Consciousness®' courses, including Bars® Facilitator
  • Various modules of the course 'Supervision Kompakt', Lika
  • 2017 Walking Coaching, Lika
  • 2016 Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Lika
  • 2016 wingwave@-Coach with further training as Magic Words-Trainer, as well as advanced "Sports Coaching" and "Imaginative Family Constellation" seminars, Roger Marquardt
  • 2003-2010 Studies of German (major) and General History, University of Zurich
  • 2006 Certified Bach Flower Therapist, Natura Medica
  • 2004 Reiki Master according to Dr. Mikao Usui