One-on-one coaching

There are many junctions on the road of life where you feel that it’s time for the next step or a change in direction.

My coaching can help you in your decision.


Maybe you’ve been going around in circles for what seems like an eternity:

  • You can’t really find your “place” in life
  • You are always seeking
  • You don’t know exactly where your talents and strengths lie
  • You find yourself in the middle of a transition
  • You are stuck and blocked in one or more areas of your life
  • You feel (professionally) disorientated

Hesitation was yesterday - choose change now - together with me!

Without making any detours, we will solve your blockages, throw outdated views overboard, and open up new possibilities. Create the life you want – now.

“I felt lovingly guided in the coaching sessions with you; you never steered me in a particular direction. You accompanied and took me seriously along the way, no matter what the topic. You were supportive, enriching, and non-judgemental! You are an empathetic, warm, humorous, honest, transparent, simply wonderful person. You are a pearl, and I know that you have found YOUR VOCATION. Thank you so much for everything.”


- Maria from feel & sense -

Reasons for coaching

It’s not always easy to orientate ourselves. We are surrounded by the expectations of our parents, friends, and society – as well as our own. The pressure to succeed weighs heavily upon us, and the wish to belong forces compromises that are not always in harmony with our hearts.


Rejection, disappointment, self-doubt, and fear make us brittle. We pull back out of self-protection, build walls around us, and block the natural flow of our life energy.


Suddenly we feel empty, unfulfilled, and disorientated. Our minds can no longer come up with solutions for such situations. If our minds could solve our problems, wouldn’t they have done so already? 😉

The compass for your own personal path is:

  • Your heart and your intuition
  • Recognizing the talents you have to fulfil your personal and individual purpose and having FUN in doing it
  • An honest encounter with what is there
  • Accepting your emotions, the situation, and everything that you have fought or denied so far
  • The knowledge that you are exactly right the way you are

“When Nadine is coaching, I can see that she has found her calling.🙂 What I particularly like is the way she combines coaching with energy work. Blockages that come up are easily and sustainably solved.


The sessions are well structured, and I always feel safe, in charge, and trusting of the process. I am challenged but never overwhelmed. The coaching is tailor-made for my needs and issues. This is what makes Nadine a pearl in the coaching market!


Thanks to your support, my own calling has become crystal clear to me, and I am happy to create space with my sound and music offerings so the world can become more beautiful and heal itself! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.”


- Lisa from Sound & Healing -

What contribution can coaching make?

The good news: there is always a way, and there is, above all, YOUR way, even though you may not be able to see it clearly at the moment.


It is definitely easier with support. You will no longer need to run yourself ragged on the hamster wheel.

  • We will release your blockages so that the energy can flow again.
  • You will recognize the gifts you have brought to this world.
  • You will get (back) on the personal path of your calling.
  • You will realize what your next step should be.
  • You will sense that life can be easy and enjoyable again.
  • You will develop a fundamentally new perspective on life, which will enable you to recognize your future path on your own and follow it courageously.

Coaching Services

Unfortunately, I don't have any open time slots at the moment. 


But don't worry, my books and blog are all about following your heart, living your dreams and creating the life you love (in German).


You have the possibility to read parts of my books for free - enjoy!

what other clients say ...

“Curious, excited, and a bit stuck, I found you and your offer and began to be coached by you. After only a few sessions, I felt more relaxed and clear-headed. Now I can go MY way with greater calmness, patience, and confidence. Thanks to you I now know that I am already on MY WAY. Thank you for that 🙂”


- Andrea -


My coaching and my body processes serve to improve your quality of life. They are intended for people who want to develop their potential or who want to learn a new way of dealing with certain aspects of their life. If you suffer from acute mental illness, I recommend seeing a doctor, naturopath, or psychotherapist of your choice. The content on my website is for informational purposes only. It is in no way a substitute for professional advice and treatment by doctors, psychotherapists, or other practitioners. My terms and conditions apply to all of my services (coaching, body processes, products, courses, and so on).